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Book a free 30-minute session to move past
the hurt and confusion of toxic relationships and
into the life you truly want!

A mind/body approach to healing from toxic relationships and repairing the relationship we have with ourselves.


Trauma / Narcissism Informed Coaching

Uncover your inner strength and wisdom to create the joyful life that is waiting for you. It is possible and I can help. 


Nervous System
Yoga & Movement

Movement allows us to unlock the true feelings that are stored within the body so we can begin the work of personal discovery, change, and growth. 


Guided Meditation + Hypnotherapy

Guided meditations are a powerful tool we can use to change the unhelpful beliefs and inner dialogue that hold us back. 



I'm Natasha

Toxic Relationship Recovery Coach,

Yoga/Movement for Trauma Practitioner

I work with people who are ready to break free from the harm of toxic relationships, including intimate partnerships, family settings, workplace relationships, and business practices, and shameful and oppressive messages from society at large. 

If you are on this page, you have likely spent years stuck in patterns of people-pleasing and peacekeeping to the detriment of your own wellbeing. It might even feel like you don’t recognize yourself or you’ve abandoned yourself to make others happy. You’ve reached a point where something needs to change. This can be such an overwhelming and confusing place to be. I want you to know that I’ve been there, and I can reassure you that change can happen. 

"You are amazing, I have had more progress with you in the past month than I have with my trauma counsellor in 3 years, I am so grateful to have connected with you. I have not felt like this....

well, ever.

C.B. from Edmonton, AB


I want you to feel safe, nurtured and supported as you work to rebuild your life after experiencing toxic relationships or environments. I want you to begin seeing the glimmers of hope as we work towards the fully lived life you deserve. 


If you have ever been in a toxic relationship or environment you know how much work it takes to keep looking outside yourself and make sure the people around you are happy, it makes us feel safe. This constant external validation or scanning makes it nearly impossible to care for ourselves or the things that are important to us, or bring us joy. 


The good new is, you are not alone in this journey. I know the feelings of losing your sense of self, your purpose. These circumstances do not define you and this is not permanent. We can find your footing and move forward to find yourself again. Because you are and always will be a whole beautiful person and it’s time to connect with that again. 

~ Natasha

What is a toxic relationship? 


Any messages and behaviors that devalue, distort, or deny your reality and disconnect you from your truth can be defined as toxic. 


I am committed to helping my clients get to the other side by helping them build the skills to name and recognize their needs, to set clear and healthy boundaries,  and to find freedom from the harm they have faced.

We want to create new habits of thought, new ways of observing our patterns with genuine compassion, acceptance, and most of all curiosity. When we come from a place of non-judgment, we are free to love ourselves unapologetically and discover what we truly want from this life. 

Then we move gently, one step at a time, towards it. 


Looking for more information on healing from toxic relationships and creating healthier patterns moving forward?

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other side of toxic.

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