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On the other side of toxic is your whole and true nature. 

When we are reunited with our whole self in all its strength, we encounter the deepest possible love for ourselves; for our passions, our body, the story we write of our past and how we shape our future plans. 


Our goal is to heal the relationship with ourselves so we can safely navigate relationships to others! 

Natasha Marchand


Toxic Relationship Recovery Coach,
Yoga/Movement for Trauma Practitioner

I want you to feel whole, authentic, joyful, and creative. I want you to live a life that feels aligned with your core values. 

This is the journey to reunite with ourselves: self-love, self-acceptance.  


The more connected you become to yourself, to your own joy. The less you will accept anything else. 

Natasha is a dual certified Trauma and Narcissism-Informed Coach that believes each person is whole and has within them exactly what they need to change their life, even if they don’t know how to access it yet. 

She has been working in the wellness field for over 20 years, starting as a Fitness Instructor and moving into a love of all things Yoga, including the teachings of Yoga Philosophy. As an advocate for women’s rights and reproductive health, she also taught yoga for fertility, pregnancy and was a teacher trainer for doulas across North America and around the world.

Like others, she is healing from toxic relationships with important people in her life as well as the toxic relationship she had with herself and her own body. She is learning every day how to build herself back up, accept and love herself, and create healthy relationships.


Her life's purpose is to take what she has learned as a Coach, Yoga Teacher, Hypnotherapist, and Movement for Trauma Practitioner to help others get to the other side of toxic relationships. Natasha believes that by delving deeply into ourselves, , we can uncover our deep wisdom,  and live a life that aligns with our core values. 

She is a single mom of two and a serial entrepreneur that loves the creative work of building a business and helping others build theirs too. 

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