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Free 30min Session!

If you are tired of feeling hurt, confused, stuck, or any other emotion that comes with toxic relationships, now is the time to make a change. I am offering a free 30min call to help you move out of that stuck place and into a place of possibilities. Nothing changes until something changes!


Book your FREE session to get started!

This customized healing journey starts with you and your needs, integrating mind-body approaches such as coaching, movement, nervous system regulation, and more!


Trauma / Narcissism Informed Coaching

Uncover your inner strength and wisdom to create the joyful life that is waiting for you. It is possible and I can help. 


Yoga + Movement
for Trauma

Movement allows us to unlock the true feelings that are stored within the body so we can begin the work of personal discovery, change, and growth. 


Guided Meditation + Hypnotherapy

Guided meditations are a powerful tool we can use to change the unhelpful beliefs and inner dialogue that hold us back. 

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to reunite with your true, authentic Self.

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