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More Info: Coaching + Movement

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Trauma/Narcissism Informed Coaching 

My goal with coaching is to begin the process of uncovering who you are so we can finally see the possibilities that are waiting for you. I haven’t met you but I already know you are awesome and deserving of a fully lived life of joy and meaning.


You have the wisdom and the strength within you to create change and heal from toxic relationships. I can guide you through the next steps and help you navigate through this difficult phase while ensuring your emotional and psychological safety. 

Nervous System Yoga & Movement 

Connecting to the body for personal discovery and growth allows us to find the strength and power that are innate inside of all of us. When we work with the body, movement, and breathwork, we are able to calm the nervous system and allow room for meaning and motivation, creative problem solving and planning for the future. When we connect with our body, we are connecting with our authentic selves and all that lies within us, such as joy, compassion, and curiosity. It is through this self-discovery that possibilities begin to open up. 



Yoga and movement address issues that other healing modalities struggle to address. Like all animals, we use the information we gather from sensations in our body to inform our decisions. This process of looking inward and listening to cues (interoception) is the opposite of what we do in toxic environments where we constantly scan externally (exteroception) to ensure safety in our relationships. Over time, this means we begin to lose touch with who we are because we have stopped looking inward and listening to our body’s cues. 



This is where yoga and movement come in, cultivating the mind-body connection and rebuilding a sense of agency and choice. We will work on reconnecting with your body’s cues and learning to trust them so that you can move ahead in your life with confidence. The bonus? You’ll gain a sense of control in all areas of your life because you will have learned to trust yourself on the deepest level.



Guided Meditations / Hypnotherapy 

Did you know that meditation (in this case guided meditation) can actually help rewire the brain and create new and more adaptive thinking patterns? Meditation and hypnotherapy can calm our nervous system and make it easier for us to be aware of our patterns, creatively problem solve and make decisions that are aligned with our intuition. This clarity makes it easier to plan and create the life you want. Meditation can also help reduce stress, anxiety and allow us to become fully alive in the present moment. 



For me, meditation has been the one way I was able to quiet everything around me and finally hear what I want/need. This modality is integral to developing a greater understanding of ourselves and how we relate to those around us, and it can be as simple as sitting with a warm cup of tea. I love creating custom meditations that guide you through your unique goals, dreams, and all that you envision for yourself.

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