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Creating Your Plan;
Creating Your Business 

You have an idea. An ability. Something to offer the world that you have been hiding. There is a pull in you to finally get out there and make it happen, but the next steps feel unclear or overwhelming. Maybe something is holding you back.


The point is, with a little support, you can overcome all of this! I can help you make - and more importantly, stick to - a plan to get your business off the ground. You’ve got all the ingredients. Let me help you with the recipe. Together, we can get your idea out there to the people who are waiting! 

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If you’re scared, be willing to do it anyway. 

Many of us are socialized and conditioned to live a certain way and when we do that, our ideas and dreams get hidden away. Maybe you feel like life has cast you in a role that you were never suited for. Maybe it made sense at one time, but now you’re ready to break free and embrace a new challenge. Don’t let fear stop you from tapping into your desire to make a new story for yourself. Creating a business is your way to come back to yourself. 


I have been working with heart-centered business owners to grow their businesses for over a decade. What I now know is that we must embrace the feeling of fear in the pits of our stomachs and do the thing anyway. When we push past our fear, we grow. Your business idea is meaningful, and we want to get it out to the people for whom it will make a difference. 


My job is to help you shine in the face of any fear.  How we do this: Your authentic self is your compass. It will help keep you on course even when you feel like you don’t know what the next best step is - even when you’re afraid.

Together, we will uncover exactly who you are. Together, we will create a business that reflects your values and feels like an authentic extension of you. When we operate from this place, we find we have the strength to take action. When we embrace our dreams in a way that aligns with our truest, deepest selves, we feel euphoric and empowered. 


To change your life and the way you show up in the world is brave. You can do this. You are doing this.

What I believe in. 

Selling can feel yucky when it goes against our values systems. But this is the old way that no longer works for us. You and I will now work together in a new way. A way that is heart-based, ethical, and centered in what you believe in. You do not need to compromise your values ever, to be in business.


I want your business to thrive, but equally important to me is the way your business reflects your purpose in life and the quality that makes you, YOU.  I value collaboration, community, how we impact the people we work with, and how this impact affects the world we live in. There is a powerful ripple effect from everything we do. You have a powerful ripple effect on the world.


With Natasha's guidance, I have learned to funnel my beliefs about art, writing, authenticity and self-empowerment - into an actual concrete business and practice, that enables me to physically market my passionate desire to help others. I am thrilled to have found Tasha. 

T.S. from Toronto, Ontario

Tara Samuel


Coaching + Accountability 

Uncover the vision you have for your life and your business and overcome any obstacles that get in the way.


Brand Building + Design

A brand is about more than just a logo, a font, and a colour palette.. It represents how people feel when they interact with your business. 


Marketing Strategy + Planning

Having big ideas feels great. Seeing them realized feels even better! 


Web Design + Course Creatioin

Let's build a website and/or a course that is 100% you and 100% perfect for your unique clients!

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